Urban's renewal at Ohio State

With zero losses over the last two years, the Buckeyes look good both now and in the future. AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

The release of the initial BCS standings on Sunday left Ohio State fans upset and frustrated because their beloved Buckeyes (with their 19-game winning streak) sit at No. 4, chasing Alabama, Florida State and Oregon. It got worse when experts immediately (and almost unanimously) dismissed the notion that a second consecutive undefeated season could propel Ohio State into the BCS National Championship at the Rose Bowl. How could the Buckeyes win 26 straight games and be left out of the title game?

You heard the reasoning: The Big Ten is too weak, Ohio State hasn't been impressive against mediocre teams, and an undefeated Pac-12 champ, SEC champ or ACC champ would be more deserving than Ohio State. And the unkindest cut of all: A one-loss Alabama or Oregon team would be more deserving of a spot in the BCS title game than Ohio State.

Even if the experts are right that the Buckeyes can go undefeated and be shut out this year, Ohio State fans should take heart that their time will come. That's because Urban Meyer is building a team that will be in the championship mix for the next few years.

In preparing to broadcast the Iowa-Ohio State game last week, I had a good excuse to watch a lot of coaches' tape on the Buckeyes and talk to other coaches and pro scouts about the program. Most importantly, I got a chance to spend time at Ohio State and see the program up close.

And based on those observations and conversations, it's clear the Buckeyes are well-positioned for the future.