CFB's toughest matchup players

Johnny Manziel gave the stout Alabama defense a lot of trouble this season. Matthew Emmons/USA TODAY Sports

We're in the pass-happy age of football -- from high school all the way up to the NFL. So, it's no surprise that of the 10 players listed here on my "matchup nightmares" list, all are quarterbacks, pass-catchers or pass-rushers.

What I set out to do with this ranking was identify the most difficult individual matchups in college football -- the players most likely to induce sleepless nights from opposing coordinators and players and that require the most attention because of their ability to single-handedly take over a game.

Here's how I rank the toughest matchups in the country:

1. Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M Aggies

The Aggies have lost a pair of games already this season, but my guess is that if you polled defensive coordinators from all over the country on the player they'd least want to face, Manziel would get a high percentage of the votes.