Is Evans the Aggies' best player?

Mike Evans has posted 1,147 receiving yards and 12 TDs in nine games this year. Bob Levey/Getty Images

Given the nature of college football polling and postseason award voting, one can forgive a coach for partaking in an occasional instance of hyperbole.

That sentiment was a common reaction to Texas A&M coach Mike Sumlin's recent remark that he was "puzzled by why [Aggies wide receiver] Mike Evans isn't in the Heisman race."

The comment did seem a bit over the top, given that the Aggies already have a leading Heisman candidate in Johnny Manziel, and because a wide receiver hasn't won the award since Desmond Howard claimed the trophy after the 1991 season.

Upon closer examination, though, it turns out that Sumlin's point is on the money. The metrics make an extremely strong case for why Evans is more than just a viable Heisman candidate -- he actually might be a better Heisman candidate than Manziel.