Originally Published: May 24, 2012

ESPN 100: Jabari Parker debuts at No. 1

Dave Telep
ESPN RecruitingNation
This is an exciting time in the recruiting calendar because there are dynamic movements in the realm of grassroots basketball. We're weeks away from embarking on a full-blown camp season, yet caught in the middle of an intense reshuffling of reputations from two months of travel team basketball.

For most, it's an opportunity to measure their games against the big names in high school basketball. For others, April and May were wake-up calls served up with a harsh reality that your state of mind doesn't jive with the state of your game. With the modern media, increased spotlights shone on recruiting and the presence of eyeballs -- both live and of the video type -- gazing down, truths about today's high school players are easier to come by and harder to ignore.


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