Midnight Madness visitors

Across the country, celebrations of the season are under way. For the schools who invite the fans and TV cameras into their domains, this is a huge event. At Syracuse, Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina, Michigan State, Kansas and many others, they have this night down to an art form.

However, not every program buys into the opening night kickoff. Frankly, not every environment can turn on the electricity and make it magical, so the coaches opt for more formal kickoffs to the season. Most of the time, they invite prospective recruits to take in the action.

The following list of schools and their visitors was compiled to demonstrate the power of the opening weekend. Keep in mind, this is a list of visitors that will come over the next few days, not just on Friday night. DePaul for instance, is hosting a ton of young prospects spread out over Oliver Purnell's first three practice sessions.