Help is on the way

Here are a few things to keep in mind as Memphis and Louisville go head-to-head this weekend:

Memphis Tigers

Freshman to watch
The No. 9-ranked overall prospect in last year's ESPNU 100, SF Adonis Thomas is loaded with talent. His versatility is allowing him to spell a variety of different positions off Memphis' bench to start the season, and eight games into his college career, there is an already high correlation between his individual play and the team's collective success. In Memphis' five wins, Thomas is averaging just under 13 points per game while shooting 53 percent from both the floor and the 3-point line. Conversely, in the three games Memphis has lost, Thomas is averaging just over three points per game while shooting 22 percent from the floor and 29 percent from 3. He's coming off his worst game to date, a scoreless 18 minutes against Murray State, so keep an eye on how he responds, as it could be a good indicator of Memphis' chances.