John Calipari's formula for success

The early signing period is here, and Kentucky has another top-rated class in the works. The Wildcats have had the No. 1 class in three of the past four recruiting seasons under John Calipari and finished No. 2 in 2012.

But the question is: Why has Kentucky been so successful under Calipari?

Many reasons factor into any program's accomplishments, but success in college basketball always starts and ends with recruiting. When you look at how Calipari has approached and embraced the one-and-done NBA draft rule along with the storied history of Kentucky basketball and some of the most passionate fans in the country, you see a formula that has evolved at Kentucky.

On the recruiting trail you hear coaches discuss programs like Kentucky and say, "They don’t recruit; they select." But while it may be true that the Wildcats select whom they want to pursue, it's not as easy as it sounds to land the big fish. The bigger the prospect, the bigger the competition for that player.

So if you're a coach, you need a plan. Let's take an inside look at Kentucky's three-part formula of success under Calipari.