10 recruiting comebacks

For almost every college basketball program, there comes a time when it takes a downward turn and dips into the bottom half of its league while falling out of the national spotlight.

This is more the rule than the exception, and in most cases it has to do with recruiting missteps -- either in the evaluation phase, through injuries or because of a coaching change.

The 10 schools below have had increased results in recruiting recently, which has translated to wins on the court and -- based on 2013 recruiting success -- should continue to do so into the future.


2013 ESPN Class Rank: No. 12

Mike Anderson was hired in March 2011 and inherited a very good recruiting class from former coach John Pelphrey. Anderson's first class in 2012 was solid, but this one is as good as it gets when it comes to landing post players. It's hard enough to get one good post player who can score, rebound and block shots. Arkansas has two -- ESPN 100 prospects Bobby Portis and Moses Kingsley -- who can do all three.

Key recruit: Bobby Portis. Once Portis committed to Arkansas, Anderson and staff put up a fence and didn't let anyone come in and take him away. He's a scorer inside the paint and outside near the high post, and he's coming into his own as a rebounder.