Roundtable: early vs. late signing

We're three days into the early signing period, with five more to go after this. And then the window closes for signing letters of intent until April. Sure, prospects can still commit in the interim. But after Nov. 21, pen can't be put to paper again until April 17.

So with two options for recruits to sign, we wondered which cliché rings more true for players: Does the early bird really get the worm, or does slow and steady win the race? We've gathered our panel of RecruitingNation experts to break it down.

How do prospects decide whether to sign early or late?

Dave Telep: Close to 95 percent or more will decide before the early signing date and then formalize their relationship by signing the letter of intent early. By doing this, the average college prospect ends any speculation, aligns himself with his favorite and is able to focus on his final high school season. It's a clean process and eliminates the noise. What about that other 5 percent?