A dozen recruiting marriages

Being a successful head coach in major college basketball is a complex job. A lot that goes into building a successful program: Things like player development, being a strong teacher of the game, having a solid coaching philosophy and maximizing resources available are vital to creating a winning culture. But two of the biggest, if not the biggest, components a great coach must master are the art of evaluating players and the ability to connect with prospective recruits and their families.

Recruiting is interesting in that there isn't one specific formula a coach can follow to become an expert. What works for John Calipari at Kentucky may not work for John Beilein at Michigan, but the fact remains that they and the other 10 coaches on this list are locking down kids who fit perfectly into their systems.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. Plenty of guys recruit well, but the coaches here stick out because they seem to have the personality that marries perfectly with their school. For each of the coaches below, though, it's a given that they have had and continue to have outstanding assistant coaches, because a good plan can't come together without a competent support staff.

John Calipari -- Kentucky

John Calipari is an obvious fit at Kentucky. He did a remarkable job recruiting at UMass and Memphis, programs that needed major fixing when he came along. Now that he is at a school with a rich history, it doesn't mean he has to work any less. In fact Calipari may have to work harder because the stakes are at their highest. At a program like Kentucky, the head coach's job is never secure. He must have among the top recruiting classes year after year and expect to compete for a national championship every season if he wants to keep his lofty position. How's that for pressure? Calipari has embraced the standards of this proud program, though, and is combining his passion with Kentucky's to pursue and land some of the nation's best talent. The program's rich tradition along with his drive and work ethic make a great recruiting match.