Top post-graduate players

If you're searching through the updated recruit rankings looking for Louisville signee Terry Rozier but can’t seem to find him, don't bother looking a second time.

Post-graduate players aren't eligible for the ESPN rankings. And so while you'll find guys like Rozier and others by searching through the ESPN database, you won't find them by going through the ESPN 100 or even the position rankings.

While post-grads are excluded, we differentiate between them and fifth-year seniors. Post-graduates are prospects who have already graduated high school and elected to take another year to further develop athletically, academically or even socially. Fifth-year seniors, on the other hand, are prospects who reclassified at some point, essentially repeating a school year along the way, and thus have not yet earned their high school diplomas.

The underlying philosophy is that each prospect gets one chance -- and only one chance -- to make the ESPN 100. And once you've graduated, you're no longer eligible.

With all that in mind, here's a look at several players who could very well have made the top 100 if we did include post-graduates in the senior class rankings.