Scouting the Class of 2014

The new player rankings are out for the Class of 2014, and with that, the 2014 recruit rankings expand from the ESPN 60 to the ESPN 100, as the class now becomes rising seniors. Along with ranking the top 100 prospects in the 2014 class, we give each player a grade and an in-depth evaluation. Evaluating and comparing prospects all throughout the country is a detailed process, and one that our RecruitingNation staff embraces.

As with any list, there are always some names that others feel should be part of the discussion. Rest assured, the tracking system is thorough and the rankings will change. This is only the beginning of a new ESPN 100 cycle.

To develop our ESPN 100 rankings from among thousands of prospects, we have set criteria to judge players by and help in the process. The criteria consist of: performance (which shows a player's talent and gets him noticed), production (what he does consistently), potential (a snapshot of what he could become) and future projection (what level does he fit at best). We also assess intangible traits like passion, intensity, effort, teachable spirit, body language, unselfishness and impact on helping a team win.

With that in mind, here's a scouting overview of the new ESPN 100, complete with strength at the top, notable risers, some new faces and some superlatives in the Class of 2014.