Scouting the Class of 2016

After completing just one year in the high school ranks and competing on the travel circuit this spring, we've seen enough of the Class of 2016 to rank them for the first time with our debut of the 2016 ESPN 25 player rankings.

This class is still in its early stages but shows flashes of brilliance. What is so remarkable about this bunch is the players' unique combination of skill set and length. This offseason will be the perfect time for them to polish up their games, create a new set of tools and build upon established skills.

The 2016 class is currently almost all potential and projection more than actual production, but there are a few gems who have already had eye-popping performances. There is some amazing size with gifted talent in this group, and we see some emerging superstars in this class.

Since this is the first time ranking these players, we can't offer notable risers or new faces -- after all, they're all new faces to the rankings -- and it's simply too early to name superlatives as we've done for the 2014 and 2015 classes. However, here are a half-dozen prospects to keep an eye on from the Class of 2016 as these players start to make a name for themselves.