Mid-majors take different approach

There isn't a sport that loves a Cinderella story more than college basketball, especially in the month of March. While fans are always quick to rally behind programs like Butler and VCU, the reality is that they rarely have any concept of the amount of work that goes into just getting through a conference tournament.

When it comes to mid-major recruiting, the process can be misunderstood. While there's no denying recruiting's importance in building a program, at the mid-major level, recruiting is often a by-product of an established philosophy and culture. Coaches like Brad Stevens and Shaka Smart didn't achieve unprecedented levels of success because they were able to recruit top talent their first day on the job. Their success was a consequence of uniquely organized programs with defined styles of play and strong emphasis on culture. Recruiting was about more than finding pros -- it was about identifying and evaluating the specific attributes, both physical and intangible, which they put a premium on based on the tenants of their program.