Class of 2008 ACC team recruiting needs

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Boston College
Running Back
L.V. Whitworth and Andre Callender have been productive if unspectacular, but their reign comes to an end this year. Without an heir apparent on the roster or highly-touted incoming freshman, this position clearly needs to be addressed. The Eagles are going from a man blocking scheme to a zone blocking scheme under new head coach Jeff Jagodzinski, so adding a back that reads his blocks well and makes crisp cuts should be the priority.
With DeJuan Tribble likely playing on Sundays next year and fellow starter sophomore Roderick Rollins struggling during the spring, the Eagles should be in the market for a blue chipper here. That's not the only problem either, as the departures of seniors Taji Morris and Sulaiman Sanni weaken depth.
Chris Crane has shown flashes of emerging as a quality starter when Matt Ryan moves on following the season. The problem is Crane is a junior, and there are concerns about who will take over for him in two years. Boston College has already signed Chris Johnson, and he has the skill set to eventually excel in new offensive coordinator Steve Logan's scheme, but he's also inconsistent. Signing another quarterback Logan feels he can mold makes sense as a result.

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Blink and you might miss sophomore Jacoby Ford turn a five-yard out into a 70-yard touchdown. However, Aaron Kelly, Rendrick Taylor, Tyler Grisham round out the top four, and all three are juniors. And though Brian Sorrells, Chris Wade, Bradley Flowers and La'Donte Harris haven't made much of an impact thus far, their departures will weaken depth. The Tigers have already added Xavier Dye and Brandon Clear (Markish Jones has since signed with a community college), but they need to do more work here.
Defensive Tackle
Dorell Scott, Rashaad Jackson and Cole McKissic give Clemson a quality rotation, but all three are juniors. In addition, Antwon Murchison and Elsmore Gabriel are undersized, raising concerns about their abilities to anchor against the run. While the Tigers did well to sign Jarvis Jenkins out of central South Carolina, they need to continue to address this position.
Running Back
James Davis is a tough inside runner who reaches his top speed quickly, and C.J. Spiller is fast enough to go the distance when he gets a seam. With Davis a junior and Spiller just a sophomore, the near future here doesn't appear to be an issue. But dig deeper, and it becomes clear this strength could quickly become a weakness. Keeping both backs has -- and will continue -- to prove difficult, and it could cause Davis to enter the draft early and/or Spiller to transfer. It doesn't help that Ray Ray McElrathbey is an unproven No. 3 and Clemson denied admission to coveted prospect Jo Jo Cox.