Class of 2008 Big XII team recruiting needs

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Running Back
With starter Brandon Whitaker a senior and reserve Jacoby Jones a junior, Baylor clearly has to get younger here. And though red-shirt freshman Jay Finley appears to have a bright future, he lacks prototypical size. Keeping that in mind, adding a back that can pick up the tough yards between the tackles should be the priority.
Defensive Tackle
There is plenty of depth here, neither starter is a senior and the Bears did well to sign 300-pounder Rex McDougald (Iola, Texas), so why is defensive tackle a need? The biggest reason is Baylor has to improve its run defense, which was one of the most porous in the nation last year. Since McDougald is at his best beating blockers with his quickness, signing a defensive tackle with the size to clog up the middle and draw blockers away from him makes he most sense.
The Bears 4-2-5 defense fields five defensive backs, including three safeties, so having quality depth at this position is obviously important. With four juniors and two seniors currently included in the safety ranks, plus no signings of note here, it's critical they address this position in 2008.

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Wide Receiver
Second-year head coach Dan Hawkins' prolific offenses at Boise State were a big reason Colorado fans were so optimistic last year. Instead of fielding a high-powered attack, the Buffaloes finished the 2006 season with one of the least productive passing attacks in the nation. Though inconsistent pass protection and streaky quarterback play were also to blame, Hawkins needs more from his receivers for his scheme to work in Boulder. With that in mind, Colorado needs to add depth and talent despite signing three receivers this year.
Running Back
The Buffaloes admittedly signed four backs this year, but there are no guarantees all four are going to pan out as hoped, so more work needs to be done here. Starter Hugh Charles, backup Byron Ellis and the versatile Bernard Jackson are all seniors. Though red-shirt freshman Demetrius Sumler should emerge as the heir apparent this year, reserves Kevin Moyd and Cory Nabors are strictly situational players, so Colorado needs to continue to build depth.
Tight End
Hawkins' sets frequently use an H-back or hybrid tight end/fullback and true tight ends. He did well to sign true freshman Devan Johnson out of Pittsburgh to fill the H-Back role, but Johnson will grayshirt this year and enter school in January. Johnson has athletic ability, hands and quickness to make him a perfect fit next season, though he isn't strong enough to hold his own as an in-line blocker. Plus, the No. 2 and No. 3 tight ends are seniors, so the Buffaloes should be in the market for a tight end.