Amos Leggett sticking with Miami

MIAMI -- South Miami four-star athlete Amos Leggett isn't a quarterback by trade. He is, however, the best player on his team and that means he has to play the position. Somehow he makes it work and every now and then he'll throw a gem like he did Thursday night to teammate Keshaun Taylor -- a 34-yard touchdown.

Leggett is a natural in the secondary and that is where he shined. Whether it was a bone-jarring hit to a poor receiver on the first defensive series of the game or his 50-yard interception return for a touchdown that helped secure South Miami's 37-21 playoff victory over Dr. Krop (Miami, Fla.), Leggett was made for the secondary.

"I do the quarterback stuff for fun," said a smiling Leggett. "The coaches wanted me to be a leader and I appreciate their trust in me.