Andrew Luck anchors 2008 QB class

There have been some great high school quarterback classes in the past six years, but the Class of 2008, which featured Andrew Luck, is one of the best.

Luck joins Blaine Gabbert, Landry Jones, Tyler Wilson, Jordan Jefferson, EJ Manuel and Terrelle Pryor in a star-studded group. It's rivaled by only the Class of 2006, which featured Matthew Stafford, Tim Tebow, Jake Locker, Josh Freeman and Sam Bradford. Remember, we're looking at what they did in college, and these two classes are neck-and-neck in terms of producing at that level.

It's funny -- when you hear people talk about how cerebral Luck is, it usually applies to just the football field. What often gets overlooked is the list of schools -- Northwestern, Rice, Purdue, Alabama, Virginia -- he considered before he chose Stanford. Take away Alabama, and you don't have the traditional football powers, but all the schools that were on his short list are very good to great academically. In other words, his intelligence in the classroom carries over to the football field.