Charlie Weis' to-do list

Charlie Weis' NFL pedigree and pro-style mentality were likely the key selling points for Kansas, and could be key selling points to recruits as well.

Weis' star has fallen a little after his experience at Notre Dame, and in his first year as Florida offensive coordinator, the Gators struggled at times. They finished eighth in the SEC in yards per game and seventh in points per game (although, in fairness, they had injuries across the board, including at quarterback and running back, so that's not all on Weis).

The good thing is that unlike at Notre Dame or even Florida, the expectations aren't as great at Kansas. There are some challenges with the job, including the fact that it's a basketball school and the football facilities and resources are not on par with those of the rest of the Big 12. The question is, how creative can Weis get and how dynamic a staff will he hire? At a place such as Kansas, he'll need to hire young grinders who know how to evaluate talent and pound the pavement on the recruiting trail.