Georgia, Pennsylvania Kohl's recaps

The competition at the top of each camp was intense and many new faces made a name for themselves. The camps in Georgis and Pittsburgh provided great venues to see roughly 250 high school kickers, punters, and snappers. These athletes all had a chance to compete and perform in a pressure-filled situation. Many times in college football the difference between the starter and the backup is the ability to focus and these events provided great insight into who has the ability to focus when it counts.

Georgia showcase

Georgia native Jimmy Hutchinson has made a name for himself at multiple events as the nation's best junior punter. He did not disappoint by hitting multiple 55-plus-yard punts and showed a level of consistency normally associated with older punters. We are excited to see how many BCS offers he gets.

Brandon Behr, a 2012 kicker from Fleming Island High School, wanted to make a name for himself. He showed strong college potential thanks to his comfortable FG range out to 60 yards away. His kickoffs have also improved since the last time we saw him.