UCLA's new staff has recruits buzzing

While UCLA's hiring of Jim L. Mora didn't create a lot of initial buzz among recruits, the staff he's bringing in now has them talking.

Mora hired three coaches -- Adrian Klemm (from SMU), Steve Broussard (Arizona State) and Demetrice Martin (Washington) -- who rank among the nation's best recruiters. That is something the Bruins have lacked in recent years.

Former coach Rick Neuheisel was actually the Bruins' best recruiter the past four years, but the head coach can only do so much of the legwork, and there was a sizable drop after him and the rest of the staff. Former coach Karl Dorrell had Jon Embree and Eric Bieniemy, both of whom were excellent recruiters, but there has always been the feeling that UCLA went after players it thought it could get the easiest, rather than working to land the blue-chip athletes. It's always important to know who you can and cannot get, but it's also good to have some grinders on the staff who will outwork everyone else and won't take no for an answer.