Kohl's Texas Showcase recap

The most impressive 2012 camper at the Texas Showcase was Nick Bruno, from Rowlett, Texas. He is a Division I punter who can repeat his motion with great consistency and is able to directionally put the ball where he wants it. He has fallen through the recruiting cracks but is good enough to compete early in his college career.

The most impressive junior camper was Ben Grogan, from Martin, Texas. He won the kickoff competition at camp and also hit 8-of-10 FG at camp. Grogan has a repeatable motion that allows the ball to come off his foot very cleanly with great height. He is someone who should be in contention for multiple college offers in the next year.

Kicker/punter Luke Ferguson, from Jonesboro, Ark., showed why he has college offers by making 8-of-10 FGs and finishing third at camp in the kickoff charting. Ferguson also finished third in the punt charting as well and is someone who has gotten progressively better the last three years.