Kohl's kicking camps recaps

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. -- Will Mahar proved once again that he has one of the strongest legs in the country, regardless of class. The 2014 prospect from New York calmly won the field goal contest with a 57-yarder and displayed a calm, cool demeanor.

Another top performer was Michigan native Bryan Holmes, who is getting healthy and was the most talented prospect at the camp. He displayed great potential on field goals and college-level leg strength on kickoffs and punts. With continued improvement, Holmes will be one of the best combo prospects in the country.

Maryland's Jake Ryder, 2014 Ohio native Matt Collella and West Virginia native Houstin Syvertson all showed very well on punts. Ryder and Collella were consistent and showed great ability to adjust to the environments, while Syvertson has tremendous power but needs to be more consistent with his drop.