Kohl's Summer Showcases recap

The months of June and July are camp time. This is the time of the year where most high school football prospects are working hard to prepare for their season this fall. Over the past couple of months, Kohl's Kicking, Punting, and Snapping Camps saw many of the nation's best at our regional training camps. Here is a look at who stood out:

Michael Knoll, a 2014 recruit from Ohio, showed big-time college potential in both punting and kickoffs. He's a smooth lefty who keeps getting better. His best ball on the day during charting was a 46-yard, 4.98 second blast. He also kicked off consistently over 65 yards, he shows great composure and really has a great working attitude. Another top performer was Jake Hartbarger who showed a lot of potential on his kickoffs and punts. He also hit the big ball on the day in punting with a 47-yarder that had 5.06 seconds of hang time. Tyler Stewart, a 2015 prospect from Ohio, showed great poise and ball striking ability by winning the field goal competition with a 56-yarder. Aidan Simenc also showed solid ball striking with his field goals.

The top performers at camp were 2014 kicker/punter Adam Mitcheson and Ian Fennessy. Mitcheson is starting to show one of the strongest legs in the country. His punting is coming along as well and he won the punting competition with a 50-yard, 4.7-second yard bomb. Fennessy won the kickoff competition with a 78-yard, 4.06-second blast that had everyone's head turning. Both individuals can continue to improve their refinement in FG's, they both showed big time college potential. Another solid performer was Ruan Venter who showed huge upside in punting and with continued improvement on his form will be a highly sought after prospect. The field goal winner was Stefan Rock , who hit a 52-yarder, the California prospect who had a very solid camp from start to finish.