Fact or Fiction

Can Notre Dame close in on Laquon Treadwell, the No. 1 wide receiver in the ESPN 150? Tom Hauck for ESPN.com

Thanks to recruiting, words like decommitment, soft commitment and silent commitment are now part of every college football fan's vocabulary. At the root of every one of these terms is the recruiting rumor mill. You can't go a day without a rumor erupting about what this five-star recruit is going to do, or if this blue-chipper is secretly committed to a school.

That's where RecruitingNation's mythbuster Jeremy Crabtree comes in.

Crabtree asked fans via Twitter (@JeremyCrabtree) and Facebook which questions from the recruiting rumor mill they wanted fact-checked.

See which rumors are Fact ... or Fiction.

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This week, Crabtree tackles hot topics like recruits' reactions to Texas A&M's big win over Alabama (Can it help the Aggies land No. 1 ESPN 150 athlete Ricky Seals-Jones?) and Notre Dame's big push for the nation's top receiver in the ESPN 150.

Jeremy Crabtree: Experience has taught me that recruits often don't get caught up in what happens in one game, but it's a FACT that this was a monumental win for the future of the Texas A&M football program. This wasn't just your typical win over a top-ranked team. This was the same Alabama team that reporters were debating a few weeks back on how many NFL teams it could beat, and the Crimson Tide coaches even sent out a mailer that had quotes from Jon Gruden comparing the San Francisco 49ers to Alabama. Recruits were paying attention to that talk and they were definitely paying attention to what transpired on the field Saturday.