The top RBs remind us of ...

While it's tough to compare high school players with college players, it helps fans and gives a little perspective on the type of player these prospects could become. Now, these are physical comparisons; intangibles and other unknown characteristics cannot be compared yet. There is a lot of work yet to be done for these players once they get to college, but here's a look at whom the top running backs remind us of right now:



Kelvin Taylor reminds us of Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice
These are two highly productive backs who lack elite speed and power but simply make defenders miss and move the chains with a lot of natural ability. Like Rice, Taylor might be at his best in tight spaces where he eludes tacklers in the hole with great short-area quickness and excellent jump-cuts and change-of-direction skills. And he does all of this while keeping downhill momentum and wasting little motion. They can slip tackles in the smallest creases and while not overly powerful, they are stocky, well-balanced and break plenty of tackles with their low centers of gravity. Taylor, the nation's No. 1 running back, is much more heralded than Rice was coming out of high school, but he has a similarly determined running style and work ethic.