The best from around the country

Picking the best players from across the nation (not including California, Florida and Texas) since we've started doing evaluations in 2006 through the Class of 2013 was no easy task. We looked at a combination of factors, including how they were ranked coming out of high school and how they developed in college. We did not necessarily factor in their pro potential or how they fared in the NFL.

We tried to keep it to a starting team on each side of the ball, but we did add an extra receiver (since many teams use three wide receiver sets) and one athlete -- a player who was either listed as an athlete coming out of high school or whose role wasn't limited to the traditional use of the position they were listed at -- on the team.

While the big three states get the bulk of the publicity, here is our team from rest of the country. As always, let the second-guessing begin …