Practicality needed with early offers

I think the process for everyone involved would be much healthier if there were. I truly believe that if coaches had their way, they would do all they could to gear down and slow the process. The world of recruiting has become so fast-paced and advanced that it is hard for coaches and prospects to keep up and make the right moves.

If it were possible, ideally players could receive offers in July heading into their senior year of high school. It would allow underclassmen to develop physically, mentally and academically. It would keep players from getting caught up in the hype and allow them to keep priorities, knowing that if they did things right as underclassmen that their time will come on the recruiting front. This isn't reality, though, and the problem with an age limit is how to police it. This would muddy the waters even more with an NCAA rulebook that is already out of control with so many rules that already need to be interpreted and deciphered as they are now. The most important thing that needs to happen is implementing some common sense into the rules. Until that happens, there will always be ambiguity and unpoliceable rules.