#AskLoogs tackles Tennessee, SEC

We're back with another edition of the #AskLoogs Twitter mailbag. If you missed last week's discussion, check it out here.

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This week, we're tackle questions about the ESPN 300, if Tennessee can keep up its hot start on the recruiting trail, how to build the perfect running back and much more. No more delaying, let's get right to your questions.

Time will tell. It's a long road to signing day, but this is obviously a very strong start for the Vols after they closed last year's class well by securing ESPN 300 players in QB Joshua Dobbs and WR Marquez North.The first full recruiting cycle for a new staff is when you generally see the most improvement and excitement. Jones hired strong recruiters like Tommy Thigpen, among others, and Tennessee has the necessary resources, including arguably the country's greatest facilities, to get the job done.

The challenge for Jones is if he and the staff sway the waning positive perception this program once had back in their favor. They have already secured the state's top players, including Jalen Hurd, Todd Kelly Jr. and Vic Wharton III, and keeping them at home is an absolute must. One of the difficulties of the Vols job is you always have to go into your competitors' backyards to steal players as Tennessee is never going to be a state that produces double-digit BCS-caliber prospects. Another good move for Jones is that he is using his Ohio roots to supplement the class.