Matchups to watch at The Opening

The Opening features many of the nation's top prospects, and there are 10 matchups we're looking forward to watching during the event.

Fournette Fournette

Leonard Fournette vs. anyone

As it says in his evaluation, "They don't make them this big and fast often at the running back position" and that gives you a pretty good clue as to why it's worth keeping an eye on the nation's No. 1 player throughout the event. Now this setting won't truly provide an opportunity for the big, fast and nimble-footed Fournette to showcase his tools as a running back, but it will provide an opportunity for him to demonstrate his receiving skills, which can be a bit of an underrated aspect of his game. At the 2011 Opening, current Texas RB Johnathan Gray showed excellent receiving skills and demonstrated how well-rounded he could be, and now Fournette could very well do the same thing.