#AskLoogs talks Opening, Elite 11

We're back with another edition of the #AskLoogs Twitter mailbag. If you missed last week's discussion, check it out here.

As always, make sure to use the hashtag #AskLoogs to get in on our discussion. I'll answer fan questions on player rankings and scouting each Wednesday, 2-3 p.m. ET on Twitter, with the five best making it to this weekly mailbag, but you can send questions in any time and I'll get to as many as I can.

This week, we'll tackle questions about The Opening, the Elite 11, who could be a surprise team in the class rankings and much more. No more delaying, let's get right to your questions.

I think there is a chance that ATH Parris Campbell Jr. could improve his rank, especially if he lines up at cornerback, which is where Ohio State is going to play him. Campbell is young for his class and has been playing running back almost exclusively, but he does not have the physical build or stature to be an every-down back at the next level. He has terrific times so we know he runs very well. He is also a very smooth athlete through the hips, which is why he is a good fit at corner. We really like his ceiling for development, but the reason his grade isn't higher at this stage is because he is difficult to project.

As for a player who we feel will prove his ranking, it has to be Leonard Fournette, who is No. 1 in the ESPN 300. This is a forum for backs to prove they are more than just runners. Like Alvin Kamara and Ryan Green proved last year, a back's versatility is constantly on display at The Opening. To be honest, Fournette could line up at safety or outside linebacker and still be the best player in attendance.