Kohl's Midwest Showcase recap

WISCONSIN DELLS, Wis. -- There were some tremendous performances turned in by the 120 athletes in attendance for the Midwest Showcase. Weather was not an issue, as being inside, provided perfect 65-degree weather and athletes from this region enjoyed not having to battle cold and windy conditions.

Lukas Otto, from Sun Prairie Wis., stole the show with his ball striking ability and his confidence to rise up during competitions. He won both the kickoff and fieldgoal competitions. He is a tall and talented kicker who is originally from Sweden. He has great potential and was one of the best ball-strikers in the 2012 class nationally. He kicked a 58-yard FG during the season and showed legitimate 60-plus-yard range off the ground. He needs to continue to refine his form but he is a legitimate Division I specialist.

Brent Wilker, from Dubuque, Iowa, showed great form and technique on his nine made fieldgoals. He is one of the better pure ball-strikers in his class, is clean off the ground and has a good frame to work with at the collegiate level. His kickoffs looked good but he could continue to work on his power up and through the ball. Overall, he is a solid college prospect who is ready to kick early on.