#BlueChipBattles -- Ultimate Battles

RecruitingNation has been ranking the top 10 battles for elite college football recruits for the past few months, and with signing day coming up Feb. 6, we'll finally get to see who wins the nation's hottest recruits. Before that happens, though, we have one more set of battles to rank: the ultimate #BlueChipBattles. The 10 recruits on this list represent the most hotly contested signing-day wars of the past decade.

Here is this week's panel of writers: Brad Bournival (@bbournival), Gary Laney (@glaneyESPN), Kipp Adams (@KippLAdams), Erik McKinney (@EMcKinneyESPN), Derek Tyson (@DerekTysonESPN), Corey Dowlar (@cdowlar), Jeremy Crabtree (@jeremycrabtree), Bob Przybylo (@BPrzybylo) and Greg Ostendorf (@GregO_ESPN).

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Fred Rouse

Tallahassee (Fla.) Lincoln High School | Wide Receiver | Class of 2005

The Finalists: Alabama, Florida State and Texas

The Winner: Florida State

The Verdict from @cdowlar: The Seminoles would end up winning Rouse's decision on signing day in what he said was a close battle with the Crimson Tide that wasn't settled until that very morning. But in the end, nobody really reaped the benefits of Rouse's career, which ended after just one short season. Off-the-field trouble derailed his career, and Rouse would eventually transfer to UTEP and then to Concordia College. He later bounced around in the Canadian Football League without gaining a solid foothold.

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