Tide's Steele reflects on suspension

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- Andrew Steele 's career path at Alabama has been turbulent. In the time it takes some players to earn their first minutes on the court, Steele has gone from reserve, to starter, to injured bench player, to retired student manager and all the way back again.

So when Steele was suspended indefinitely and sent home by coach Anthony Grant just hours before the Jan. 11 game at LSU, frustration set in. For the first time in his career, Steele wasn't allowed to be part of the team. Watching the game on television, the redshirt junior from Birmingham, Ala., felt the sting of helplessness.

"There was a level of frustration, because that was the first time I couldn't really be there with my team," Steele said. "Even when I wasn't playing I could always be there and do everything I could. It was tough to watch, because you always wonder, 'What if?' "