Remaining playoff questions

Three days of meetings by the FBS conference commissioners this week gave us some new information about college football's upcoming playoff but left many questions still to be answered.

The most significant announcement was that the six major bowl games (the four that have been part of the BCS along with Cotton and Chick-fil-A) will be played in tripleheaders on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, starting in the postseason following the 2014 season. But even that news raised some obvious issues that will need to be sorted out.

The big surprise of the week was that very little additional detail on the selection committee was revealed. That has long been the topic of greatest public interest related to the playoff, and it heads the list of six important questions that may ultimately determine whether the College Football Playoff proves to be a huge upgrade from the BCS.

1. Who will serve on the selection committee?

Until this week, there was a belief that the committee would be comprised of a representative from each of the 10 FBS conferences, plus four to 10 other people of yet-to-be-determined affiliations and backgrounds. But the playoff administrators say that nothing about the committee has been set in stone. Indications are that they might not figure it out until this fall, and it's probably best that they take their time. There will be no more computer formulas to blame, and no more polls with too many voters for fans to keep track of. The committee members will be well-known and highly scrutinized.