Priester ready to smash records

For most of last season at Lake Mary (Fla.) High School, Kyrin Priester was miserable. The quiet wide receiver spent six weeks watching his team play without him. Eager to make a name for himself, Priester writhed with frustration as he slowly, sluggishly, healed from a devastating injury.

"I cracked my fibula," he said. "I hurt it at the end of my sophomore year. It was the last game of the season and we didn't go to the playoffs. All summer I guess it must have healed up. I was playing on it, but I hurt it again right before the first week, before our first practice. I finally went and got a MRI, and the doctor said I had cracked it. So they told me I would have to sit out five to six weeks."

Being a speed merchant, wearing the plastic boot instead of cleats drove him crazy.