Langley: Heart is with Bama

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. -- ESPN 150 athlete Brendan Langley (Marietta, Ga./Kell) sent Georgia fans into a frenzy recently when he tweeted that the Bulldogs were no longer his leader. Nor were they second or third. Just two days earlier he had told TideNation that Georgia was his top choice. Suddenly the Bulldogs fell to fourth in the senior athlete's top five schools. He won't say exactly what happened.

"I will say what I can. I can say it was a little bit of a misunderstanding between me and them so I don't want anybody to think they are out of the race at all," Langley said. "They are in my top five, but they are just not first."

Alabama had led for Langley earlier this year until Georgia took over the top spot. Now the Tide is back on top.