Could UGA net 30 signees?

The Georgia Bulldogs brought in 19 new players on scholarship this year for the 2012 class, and although the staff would have liked to have signed more, their success on the recruiting path in the 2013 class has given them a chance to make up for the empty spots on the roster very soon. With undersigning becoming a recent popular discussion point in college athletics, and new regulations being passed every year, how is that possible?

Assuming that former walk-ons Ty Frix, Blake Sailors, Reuben Faloughi and Brandon Harton are again awarded scholarships this year, the Bulldogs have 79 players on scholarship for the 2012 season. Because Georgia signed less than 25 in the 2012 class -- and only 17 counted toward 2012, since two early enrollees were allowed to be exempted to the 2011 class -- according to a report by Macon.com in January, the Bulldogs could count up to six early enrollees as part of the 2012 class.

" 'Back counting' is only permitted for midyear enrollees who are able to be included as an initial counter for the academic year in which they enroll," SEC spokesman Charles Bloom told the website here.