Who's in line for position switch?

In this week's DawgNation team mailbag, we try to answer some pressing questions from our Insiders about position changes, backup quarterbacks, the return game and second-half corrections.

wbrown55: There have been some rumors about Ray Drew moving to defensive end this fall, Josh Harvey-Clemons possibly seeing snaps at safety, and Richard Samuel going to fullback. How likely are these, and what others should we keep an eye out for?

RN: Richard Samuel said this week that he has not been asked to move to fullback. Drew likely will suit up as a DE this spring, and Harvey-Clemons has been told he is already the No. 2 Sam outside linebacker. Another position change that is interesting is Sterling Bailey to defensive end. According to his father, Bailey is now up to 285 pounds. Malcolm Mitchell told us recently that it was his idea to play some cornerback as well as wide receiver, but that is not a position switch so much as it is an added responsibility.