Ready for stardom

ATHENS, Ga. -- The talk of Georgia's spring practice has been freshman safety Tray Matthews, whose big hits have already struck fear into a few teammates.

"Yesterday, I kind of got scared because I think it was little J.J. [Green, a 5-foot-8, 171-pound running back] from Camden and he was coming up the middle and he was kind of tripping and all of a sudden, I just saw Tray Matthews just running full speed coming straight at him and just [slaps hands]," defensive lineman Garrison Smith said last Friday. "It just sounded off when he hit him and I was like, 'Ooooh.'

"I kind of thought J.J. might have gotten messed up after that hit, but he got up. But yeah, Tray Matthews, he's definitely not scared of contact and he's a warrior out there."