Crowell deals with spotlight

ATHENS, Ga. -- From the moment Isaiah Crowell held up a bulldog puppy on national television and signed with Georgia, the star tailback heard that he would be the object of nearly constant scrutiny in Athens.

Nothing could truly prepare the 18-year-old for living in that fishbowl -- and the extremely public heights and depths of his first year in college show that Crowell, like a typical freshman, has struggled to adjust to life in the spotlight.

"I've always got to worry about whether somebody's watching," Crowell said. "Not even if you're doing anything bad -- even if you're just pumping some gas, somebody's worried about taking some pictures or something."

Few players have arrived at Georgia facing steeper expectations than Crowell, the nation's No. 4 overall prospect in the 2011 ESPNU 150 and the No. 1 running back.