Roundtable: Murray's Heisman hopes

In this week's DawgNation Roundtable we jump ahead of spring camp, summer workouts and the fall season and go straight to postseason awards. Well, one award at least. It has been a while since the Georgia athletic association has put on a Heisman campaign. Maybe in the upcoming season, things could be different.

This week's question for the DawgNation Roundtable is this: "Will Aaron Murray have the kind of year he needs to be even remotely considered in Heisman talk, and what might happen that would keep him from being in that conversation?"

Radi Nabulsi: Should he be considered for the Heisman "talk"? Absolutely. The top quarterbacks in the SEC are almost always mentioned in the watch lists. Murray will get a look along with Arkansas' Tyler Wilson and Alabama's AJ McCarron. How long any of them are actually considered is altogther another matter.

I think Murray will have a case going into the season based on a few factors: