Armstrong pours on the speed

ATHENS, Ga. -- As a longtime track coach and speed trainer, Sherman Armstrong sees nothing unusual in training a team to improve its quickness and agility. But Armstrong understands how adapting his methods to work for a football team can be portrayed as an outside-the-box approach.

College football strength and conditioning programs are often as old school as it gets -- and Georgia's falls into that category under Joe Tereshinski's leadership. But Tereshinski employed a decidedly new-school strategy in hiring Armstrong as his new associate director of strength and conditioning, dedicated specifically to improving the Bulldogs' speed skills.

"As a university football program, it could be viewed as being a little outside the box, just because the general parameters of strength and conditioning is the weight room and warming the guys up and getting ready, and that's it -- and of course a conditioning element to it," said Armstrong, a four-time track all-American at Illinois and two-time Olympic Trials finalist in the 400 hurdles. "But outside the box in a sense that there is a specific day, there's a specific time designated to what I do -- then it could be viewed that way."