Sanders hopes move is just detour

Less than 24 hours after the top prospect in Georgia, linebacker Josh Harvey-Clemons (Valdosta, Ga./Lowndes), had submitted his letter of intent to the University of Georgia, head coach Mark Richt sat in his office. Instead of celebrating the last addition of a top-five recruiting class, Richt was facing a much more undesirable situation and one that every college coach dreads.

Allegations had emerged earlier in the week from players on the team that implicated freshman teammates Sanford Seay, Nick Marshall and Chris Sanders in the theft of more than $500 worth of money and valuables from players' dorm rooms.

Sanders still remembers walking into Richt's office that day after one of his teammates had just been dismissed from the team. The defensive back knew his fate would likely be similar, but he tried to stay calm as he entered the room.