Never too early to look at 2013

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Since Michigan has almost wrapped up the 2012 recruiting class, it can't hurt to look at the early numbers for the 2013 class. It's often hard to predict exact numbers because of attrition, unexpected injuries, and fifth-year seniors not getting their scholarships renewed, but we do have a rough outline of where things will start.

For any class, Michigan needs to stay under the total scholarship limit of 85. So no matter how many commitments Michigan takes for the 2012 class, it will need to be at 85 total.

That means that as of now there are 17 juniors, eligibility wise, who will be leaving the program after the 2012 season. Without any transfers, players leaving early to go pro, or injuries, Michigan will have 17 spots available for the 2013 class.