U-M recruiting has tailed off at tailback

A strong, reliable, hard-working running back has been a staple of all good Michigan teams in the past. When you think of Michigan running backs you think of athletes with the complete package.

You think of Tyrone Wheatley sprinting down the field, Mike Hart breaking tackles he never should have been able to break, or Tim Biakabutuka rushing for 313 yards against Ohio State. Whichever back comes to mind, he undoubtedly was a large part of Michigan's past success.

"You had to be a tough guy, because everything at Michigan was black and white," former Michigan running back Ricky Powers said. "You had to know that Michigan was recruiting the best running backs, and if you didn't believe you were the best, there was someone else there that thought they were."

The current team has a stable of backs, but only recently was Fitzgerald Toussaint named the outright No. 1 guy by coach Brady Hoke. There hasn't really been a true No. 1 guy going on three seasons now.