A chip off the old block

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- In Indiana, where basketball has always been king, times are changing. The term "gym rat," which once only described those who shot hoops until the wee hours of the morning, has now come to mean all athletes who commit themselves to any sport.

And don't get it wrong. Wide receiver Dominique Booth (Indianapolis/Pike) loves basketball.

But he became a true gym rat on the football field when he was 3. With his father coaching high school football in the Indianapolis school, Booth found himself helping out at every practice. He would show up in the team colors and cross his arms on the sidelines, imitating his father's every move.

"He would be out there blowing that whistle," said Booth's father, Mark. "I would tell my players, 'You run sprints every time [Dominique] blows that whistle!' And he loved it."