Player grows into prospect

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- As a member of the Westwood (Mass.) Xaverian Brothers High School freshman football team, Maurice Hurst Jr. was easily overlooked. He seemed like every other 5-foot-9 hopeful, even though he carried the name and genetics of former New England Patriots cornerback Maurice Hurst.

"I thought that maybe I could play at a high level, but I wasn't big, I wasn't developed, I wasn't as strong as all the other kids," Hurst Jr. said. "Especially my freshman year, I really didn't know if I could be a Division I football player."

Xaverian Brothers varsity football coach Charlie Stevenson remembered Hurst Jr. as "undersized, but put together pretty well, and still a bit pudgy." But what stood out to him were Hurst Jr.'s eagerness to hit and his attitude.