No-visit policy bolsters certainty

When Brady Hoke proclaimed, "This is Michigan," it wasn't just a PR stunt. The coach believes that it's a privilege to strap on that winged helmet. That privilege carries into recruiting as well, and his strategy has paid off with the nation's No. 1 recruiting class.

Michigan's 22 commitments for the Class of 2013 have set the bar on many levels, as it's only June and the Wolverines have almost filled their class. They had 13 of those commitments by the end of February, which typically has been a slower time, when coaches take some time off. The 2012 class didn't fill up as fast, but it developed at an accelerated pace.

The Wolverines have been scorching the recruiting trail at a record-setting pace. While the amount of time it has taken them to fill the past two classes has been impressive, what might stand out even more is how Michigan has done it while keeping the commitments on board.