DE commit shows leadership

PICKERINGTON, Ohio -- The white paw prints on the black pathway have been a staple in Pickerington Central's football stadium for years. Every season -- after fall camp but before the first game -- the paws are repainted. Each senior gets his number painted on one white paw. The captains get theirs outlined in purple.

Defensive end Taco Charlton can find his near the top of the hill, on the far right side of the path. Standing at his paw, he can really just see one end zone and the field's flagpoles. It's not much of a view of the field, but it is his, and 20 years from now when he walks down the path, he'll be able to find this exact spot.

"There's so much tradition at our school," Charlton said. "I get that. And we have a winning tradition. So everything we do, we want to keep doing. As a senior, I get that now."